Go With the Flaw


What is perfection? There are countless times where I have scratched my head looking at Instagrams of bloggers and actually thinking how much time they must have spent on creating the perfect image, being flawless, acting like the world is their oyster. We know that’s not how they must look 24/7 but we still gaze in awe. Being perfect is absolutely not what I stand for and here is why.


Scotch & Soda hat – Zara jacket & trousers – Vagabond shoes – Diesel T-shirt

Anyone who knows me knows that I hardly wear make-up, I rarely brush my hair (the forever-out-of-bed-look) and joggings are basically a staple. Even my mother sometimes worries about my so-called image but I guess that’s my image: the-not-really-giving-a-damn-thing-except-on-several-occasions-so-I’ma-go-with-the-flow.

‘Perfection is overrated’ perfectly sums up the new Diesel campaign and basically how I want to live my life/rule this blog. There is nothing wrong with being lazy (guilty as charge), looking average and etc. It’s all about being unique and not stress about aesthetics. Plus if everybody always sees me at my worst, they will compliment me when I look my best… The other way around is more challenging.