Who is Monica?


Who is Monica?

A Belgian girl with Chinese blood on the edge of hoarding fashion inspiration and the occasional obsessive outburst for Belgian designers. This is a place where I want to share my style and ideas in hopes to inspire others.

Located in Antwerp Belgium, Monica is a fashion enthusiast vividly rooting for Belgian designers. She sees herself as a hardcore internet shopping junkie and a professional fashion inspiration hoarder who just manages not to go overboard.

As a self-proclaimed mental streetstyle observer, Monica is inspired by people on the streets and is making mental notes on what to buy when she eagerly checks out other people’s personal style.

What is up with her blog?

Founded in February 2013, Monica Harmony the blog focuses on personal lifestyle and fashion. Being inspired by fashionistas, Monica has created an outlet in hopes to inspire others in the same way she was inspired by. Besides the fashion aspect, the blog is also a tool for Monica to express herself in a witty way. Not knowing if she has succesfully succeeded with her blog, Monica is thankful for every opportunity and thankful for the people that she has met through this personal space.

Any questions or enquiries, email me: hello@monicaharmony.com

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