ASOS, You’re killing me

I can handle exams, girl problems, stress, school, traffic, just all sorts of daily life/student problems. But there seems to be one thing I cannot handle and it is the urge to shop. About two weeks ago I promised myself not to shop in order to save money to buy an overlock machine… It looks like I might break that promise after browsing through the ASOS site. I resisted the urge to shop on the ASOS site because of the price, but I made the mistake to click on the ‘outlet: 70% off’ button and then I entered shopping heaven!

The following pictures are what triggered my adrenaline rush to shop:


I have always been a sucker for bomber jackets. They make an outfit look tough and rough, but pair it with something sophisticated, romantic and girly and you still have a match made in heaven! You cannot go wrong with a bomber jacket!

The next item on my wish list is an onesie. To be honest, I never understood the charm of an onesie. I’ve always thought it was rather a hassle to be wearing an onesie when nature suddenly calls. Plus, I have always associated onesies with the Pikachu kinds that I saw Japanese girls wear when I was in Tokyo (haven’t heard of that? Google it!) But ASOS completely changed my mind with their sophisticated-looking onesies! The one I absolutely adore is the one with the ears!


There is a 95% chance that I’m going to buy these items. Any items you’re craving at the moment?


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