What you looking at, you creep(ers).


Oh yes, Belgium had a ‘relapse’ last week. I witnessed and experienced spring temperatures and freezing temperatures + snow all in one week. I was very happy to be able to wear my spring coat but Mrs. Winter bursted my bubble and I am back in my winter coat… However, this does not stop me from taking pictures of my spring outfit.




H&M coat & blouse – Bershka pants – New Look creepers – Jutka & Riska necklace

One of my vices, other than being a hardcore shopping junkie, is buying clothes that are too long. I am short and there is nothing I can do about it but make the best out of it. Most of the coats I try on in stores are too long. This means that coats come below my knees and suddenly my world becomes like “Honey, I shrunk the kids”. However,… Being able to sew means I can alter my clothes and that is exactly what I did with my trench coat! I cut 20cm, sewed a hem and TADAAA, a trench coat with the perfect length for my body!

I scored the creepers online in sale while they were still at full price in the store!ย  To make the outfit complete, a ‘Victorian’-style necklace from my favorite vintage store.


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