Levi’s mood


Lookbook held a contest where six winners will be chosen and they get to go to NY, Toronto or Sao Paolo. I knew that my chances of winning was very slim because there were a lot of popular Lookbook users who joined the contest… Anywho, I focused on the DIY part of the contest, so fingers crossed!




LEVI’S jacket & shorts – River Island striped shirt – Topshop hat

I basically bought some studs, used the a special kind of sewing tool (have no idea what it is called in English) to loosen the threads of my back pocket and studded half of my backpocket. I must say that I am very pleased with the result and numbing my fingers due to the studs was really worth it!

The Levi’s jeans jacket can basically be bought anywhere but the best part is that it is oversized! I detested jeans jackets because the style that they used to sell in stores are the tight kind and I really hated how it made my upperbody looks. If you are looking for an oversized and a looser fit then this jacket is perfect for you! I suggest you immediately buy one!


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