Reviving the 80s


It’s no secret that I’m crop top obsessed, but these 80s crop tops has my fashion senses tingling!

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New Look top – Levi’s shorts – Converse shoes – Rodania watch

Whenever I’m dressed and I see my mother th first thing she says is: “I use to wear that too!”. It got me thinking that trends are just recycling themselves. Crop tops have been quite popular nowadays. But in the end it’s just the revival of the 80s. Especially the crop top I’m wearing in my outfit today.

It got me thinking that people 20-30 years ago already knew style and we are just reviving the past. How freakin’ awesome is that! No wonder vintage has gotten so popular! I wonder what people in 30 years will wea. Anyways here are a few of my favorite 80s style crop tops:


source: River Island – New Look – Asos


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