After a hiatus of two months, Monica Harmony is back up and running with a new simple layout! The following weeks you guys can expect some more wicked outfit posts, a giveaway and some reviews! But first things first: I got to start off with an outfit post

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Carthartt beanie – Jutka & Riska blouse – The Editor’s Market dress – Zara shoes – Herschel bag

When someone asks me to describe my style, I really have to think twice about it. I don’t have one particular style. It really depends on my mood and inspiration of that day. This outfit is a look that I would wear to fashion week: classic pieces but printed to grab attention.

The blouse was a fantastic found at Jutka & Riska. My eyes spotted that print from way across the room. It was actually way too long, but there is nothing that a sewing machine cannot fix so I altered that statement piece to match my short height.

I topped the blouse over a bambi dress that I wore in my Snow White’s Critters outfits. I also sewed it to make it fit like a pencil skirt.

I am not really a handbag girl. If I have to choose, it is rucksacks all the way! The bag is from Herschel which I bought at Urban Outfitters at a discounted price. It is perfect to store my laptop, camera and extra unnecessary junk I always have lingering around.


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