I Applaud You, Minju Kim!


Everybody is talking about the collaboration of H&M with Isabel Marant. For those who are absolutely stoked, great! But seriously, I am more excited about the collaboration of H&M with Minju Kim, the designer who won the H&M design awards.

Minju Kim recently graduated at the Antwerp Fashion Academy. I was actually quite starstrucked when I saw her at the library of the Fashion Museum while I was working there over the summer. Her collection at SHOW2013 was bubbly, fun, artsy… Basically every synonym for FREAKIN’ AWESOME.


H&M toned her collection ‘Dear My Friend’ down to make it more wearable for us ‘mortals’ and oh boy, it is good! Being inspired by Japanese cartoons, this fabulous 27 year old Korean successfully integrated her inspiration in her clothing and presented us with something you would find at the bottom of Pandora’s Box.


It’s even an understatement to say that every single piece is an artwork. It’s much more than that and even much more than fashion. It’s just not describable with words. I am dumbfound and willing to set up a tent in front of H&M. This is what I call a collaboration!


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