Hooray, press days!


Hooray, three cheers for press days! It’s that time of the year again where press agencies introduced the latest collection of the brands they represented. I’ve seen good stuff. Forget good, I’ve seen AMAZING stuff and got to know new brands. My heart was racing and my adrenaline rush was kicking in big time. That was the moment when I knew that my wallet is not going to survive 2014.


First up: Media Mania! They represent a lot of my favorite brands, but also brands I have never heard of and got to know during the press days. Julia June is one of those brands I have never heard of. But wait until you see this jacket.


Need I say more?


Roeckl – Pinko

Prints are hot this summer! Scarves by Roeckl had these Asian inspired prints without being stereotypical. Pinko on the other hand went animalistic rocking the jungle prints!


On to the next one! I like Marnix & Ally because they represent some of the most simplistic but gorgeous jewelry brands!

IMG_4905 IMG_4911 IMG_4907


My personal favorite was the 3D printed geometric cubic pin by DAMN. The design was simple yet complicated. And how awesome is technology? It’s freakin’ 3D printed! It a piece from the future!

dehovre IMG_4758 IMG_4832 copy IMG_4833 copy

LoloTwice As Nice

Lolo was a brand De Hovre PR represented that I have never heard before. Not only does the brand name sound soothing to your ears, the shoes are a pleasure for your eyes. I cringed (in a good way!) when I saw their black shoes collection for SS14. Totally adorable!

Twice As Nice, a jewelry brand, added a few new watches to their SS14 collection. I love how simple and sophisticated their jewelry is. Super feminine!

Next week you can expect a part II of the press days + something Karl Lagerfeld related!


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