Urban Renewal


I jumped on the vintage bandwagon a long time ago and I am still enjoying the ride! On today’s post, the focus is on my vintage vest!

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Urban Renewal vest – H&M top and pants – Shoesone.biz shoes

Short story about me finding the vest in the store: On a morning, I took the bus to Antwerp and went on my usual shopping trip to Urban Outfitters. When I wanted to go to the fitting room and try on some clothes, I stumbled upon this vest on a mannequin. Being obsessedly curious, I asked the sales clerk to take that vest off that mannequin and hand it over to me (I asked in a polite way though)! And BAM the vest was mine!

If you don’t know Urban Renewal, it is a vintage, second hand corner of the Urban Outfitters store. You basically find the best things of the store there! I also get the feeling that the corner is sometimes somewhat overlooked by people but the best stuff are just for grabs there! It’s not commercial, it’s unique, it’s one of a kind… What more do you want?

The vest is all about jungle fever. I am sporting some zebras on the left and some kings of the jungle aka lions on the right. SCORED!


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