Let’s prep it up, shall we?


I am getting more and more into basics recently. Basics survive my closet rampage much longer than pieces that are a bit different. Today I’ll be styling a cropped sweater into a preppy look.

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Pins & Needles sweater – Primark blouse – Levi’s shorts – New Look creepers

i know, here I am again with something cropped. Don’t judge me, I just think it’s one of those 90s trend that shouldn’t have died in the first place and I am glad it is revived!

I’ve had this sweater for ages but I never wore it. Until I discovered that wearing a blouse under it and letting it drap really isn’t that bad. It’s actually quite preppy and fancy.

And there is something I cannot describe about wearing shorts and stockings rather than a normal pair of jeans. I guess it makes an outfit edgier (?) but that’s just my opinion. To stay true to my style, I’ve added my delightful creepers.


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