Unif’s Tie Dye Pieces of Heavens


UNIF was established in 2004 by couple Eric Espinoza, and Christine Lai in LA. UNIF is all about being on the edge of the trend, which is reflected in the meaning of UNIF (U’re not in Fashion). Moving on from the my last obsession, UNIF’s tie dye pieces has caused my goosebumps to have their own goosebumps. Yes that is how good it is.

UNIF is breaking my balls (if I had any) with their tie dye sweetness. I never understood the whole chaos about it when it was a trend last year. But now, I have fallen in love and wish to be united with the following rainbow pieces:

unif_relapse_tee_1_1Perfect as a cover up at the beach!

unif_trip_blouse_1Just simply perfect.

unif_i_dye_moto_1-2_1The pièce de résistance: The unif tie dye moto jacket! How can you look at this perfection and not wanting to rush to use your credit card and buy this awesomeness?


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