Oversized shorts


Forget about tight shorts shorts. Oversized shorts is slowly creeping in as a summer trend and I immediately jumped on the oversized shorts bandwagon!

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Jutka & Riska shirt – Ebay shorts – Forever 21 shoes

I’ve been spotting oversized shorts on every Asian webshop. When I saw the shorts for a bargain on Ebay, I immediately clicked ‘buy now’. The best thing about these shorts is the comfort. It is an absolute pleasure to be wearing shorts where your thighs can actually breath. Forget about tight shorts, I am moving on to the oversized version!

If I haven’t already said ‘oversized’ enough, I paired the shorts with my oversized vintage shirt. I chose heels for this outfit just to make my legs looks longer. Some platform sneakers will do the same trick! So please, indulge yourself in some oversized comfort and buy yourself these shorts. They are an absolute delight to wear!


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