Golden Shorts


Since the weather in Belgium and all wacky and unpredictable, the temperature was rather on the hot side. For those who are still enjoying the sun and the occasional breeze, let this post with my misbhv gold shorts inspire you.

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Primark blouse – MISBHV shorts – Converse shoes – MoMu Bernhard Willhelm totebag

Nothing like a good old pair of gold shorts to make people turn their heads and think why your shorts are so freakin’ shiny and secretly awesome!

If you haven’t heard about MISBHV, then you are in for a treat. I already wore a dress of theirs in this post and I haven’t gotten enough of this brand. Since the shorts are such an eyecatcher, it makes sense to style it with some basics: blouse and all stars.

The tote bag is actually given to me as a present. Tote bags are the real deal: they go with every outfit and they are environmental friendly!


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