Favorites Friday: Swimsuits


It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s humid. This summer unusual swimwear seems to be popping up everywhere. Say goodbye to your regular old bikini, this season it is time to soak up the sun with mix-match swimwear, mesh bathing suits and sporty bikinis!


MISBHV revealed its swimwear collection about a month ago and it is staying true to its urban style. By mixing sporty with mesh material, MISBHV is making sure that us girls not only feel athletic but also sexy while at it.


Belgian brand Filles à Papa gained some real attention over the last years. With stars such as Rita Ora wearing its designs, it is truly living up to the fame that Belgian designers represent.


Another favorite of mine is UNIF‘s bathing suit. Not only does it cover up a decent amount of your body (for those who are conscious about their body) but it also manages to make you look hot while covered up.


TRIANGL is a newcomer in the field of swimwear. With already one milllion followers on Instagram, Triangl not only has stunning swimwear for every body type, but is also seems to be the king of mix matching!

Which one is your favorite?


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