Not so all black


Black is my mojo. The more black, the better. You cannot go wrong with black. It makes an outfit sophisticated, timeless, casual etc. After my new found love for chunky boots, I have found something that goes hand in hand with that: long jackets.

285286 284ASOS top – Carin Wester jacket – Bershka pants – Vagabond shoes

Today I posted an outfit that basically screams BLACK. Lately I am attracted towards more darker pieces of clothing and this results into me posting an almost all black outfit. I tried to tone it down by wearing a white crop top. Nothing says balance than black and white!

In my last few outfit posts I have declared my love for chunky boots. Little did I know, these chunky boots are a match made in heaven when wearing long over the knee jackets. On of the struggles of short people is finding the perfect length. Too long and you will look super short. However wearing it with chunky boots, or any kind of heels, seems to do justice to my height! Trust me, this is a combination that I will be wearing a lot during the fall!



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