And Then I Discovered American Apparel


It is no secret that American Apparel created quite the stir with its ‘PG13’ rated lookbooks. To be honest, I was also quite shocked with its campaign pictures but then I discovered the clothing behind the brand.

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American Apparel sweater and skirt – Monki boots

Never judge a book by its cover. Same thing goes for fashion. While the lookbooks stirred up negative emotions, the clothing totally made up for it by being awesonely basic. I never went into the store because I had my share of opinion of the brand but when I saw that skirt on a mannequin, my curiosity got the best of me and I dove into the store.

Little did I know, the store had everything I wanted: deliciously cropped items, basics with a twist etc. That was also the moment when I realized that my wallet was not going to survive this store. I have been looking for the perfect sweater but this grey cropped version is more than perfect! The skirt was abnormally pricey but thank god my sister bought it and so I borrowed it for this outfit! Those Monki boots are the best thing ever since sliced bread! Currently, they are my go-to boots and those three inch platform heels are just the icing on the fashion cake!


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