Winter strikes back


One of the things that I have been fashionably hoarding since the summer are fall and winter essentials. I remember me grabbing stuff that I would wear in the fall and the winter during the summer sales. And at last the cold season has arrived and it is time for me to show off my winter jackets!

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Ichi coat – Bershka pants – Zara boots – Urban Outfitters belt

What seems to be very in this winter are patterned, wide-fit jackets. In window displays I’ve seen my fair share of oversized wide-fit coats which is absolutely my thing but not it does not fit everyone’s body type. I have decided to show you how you can wear this kind of coat in a different way!

All you need is one magic accessory: a belt. If you don’t want to accentuate your waist, leave the coat as it is but there are times when a woman wants to flaunt what nature has given her (or not given, in my case curves) by magically adding some focal points on the outfit. By adding a belt, I created the illusion of me having curves while in reality, I really don’t.

Sometimes it is all about tweaking a clothing item that you love but not neccessarily fits you into something that fits you perfectly without compromising to another piece of clothing.


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