The Lazy Outfit: Whatever edition


There are days where raiding your closet and trying to find that ideal outfit are fun. Then you have other days where you simply just do not bother. When I am in that mood, I always go for a comfy sweater, black pants and black boots. Like whatever, right?

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Primark sweater – Ichi scarf – Bershka pants – Zara boots

With the cold temperatures, it is getting more and more difficult to get out of bed and face the dreadful freezing degrees. It is also on these days where my mood goes from sleepy to whatever to whatever-er to whatever-est. I’ve got my days where grabbing the first warm sweater I see, seems to be the best decision of my life! Hence the lazy outfit.

With the sales, I have been buying and hoarding warm sweaters like crazy. But I am absolutely sure that I need them in my life although my closet kind of disagrees with me. Expect nothing more than sweaters for my upcoming outfits. Found some good ones in sale!

What is your idea of an lazy outfit?


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