Iconic sneakers


Nike, Adidas, Vans, Converse... We all know these brands. They have been there in every step of our lives. Some styles might have died out over the years but others managed to make a comeback or haven’t dissappeared at all!

Although I like the occassional fancy boots and heels, sneakers have always been my first love.


The iconic All Stars by Converse. Who doesn’t know them and who doesn’t own them. I’ve got different pairs in different styles and in different colors. I have worn and torn them. Before Nike took over, All Stars were the quintessential sneakers! With summer just around the corner and my lack of sandals, I will be rocking these red ones for sure! Shop them here.


It’s hard not to recognize these sneakers right? These Adidas Super Star Up are the wedged version from the normal superstars that you basically see everywhere. I remember that I bought the iconic Super Star sneakers 12 years ago after I saw Mario wearing them in his ‘Let me love you’ music video (Come on 90s kids, you got to remember him right?). The sneakers made a comeback and basically everyone is wearing them. I caved and bought the ones with an invisible wedge. Shop them here


Komrads also known as Czech Boot are kind of the underdog in this sneaker story. These soviet sneakers were quite popular back in the days but literally were extinct because the company discontinued the production in 2009. But some true fans of the sneakers in Belgium actually revived these suckers and now a new line with fresh colors are awaiting a new home! Shop them here

What are your iconic sneakers?


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