A skin care wonder called Caudalie


When it comes to skin care products, my skin has developed some kind of super power that breaks out whenever cheap chemical products touches it aka sensitive skin. Over the last years, I have been very iffy and skeptical towards some brands. When I received the Caudalie products, I researched it like a maniac making sure that my skin could handle it and boy, was I surprised with the results!

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First of all Caudalie is a French brand founded in Bordeaux. Caudalie is all about COSM-ETHICS. This means natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. There are absolutely no signs of animal ingredients, mineral oils, parabens etc. Caudalie strives towards an all natural brand.

I’ve received four different types. Each has its own function: (1) instant detox mask, (2) moisturizing mask, (3) glycolic peel and (4) purifying mask. Now let’s get to the point, the results. The most satisfying type was definitely the moisturizing mask! I usually wake up with super dry skin but going to bed with the moisturizing mask really makes a different. I have no idea what magic wonder lies in those Caudalie products but the moisturizing mask is a miracle worker! It does exactly what the product describes: it moisturizes.

To keep a long story short: Caudalie was definitely worth risking my skin.


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