Embroidery madness


Is she wearing a coat? During the summer? That’s right people, after some hot hot temperatures, the weather in Belgium has finally cooled down and I am back to wearing sweaters and light jackets!

Vintage jacket - OMSK sweater - Bershka pants - Vagabond shoes
Vintage jacket – OMSK sweater – Bershka pants – Vagabond shoes

Excruciating temperatures. That is what I’ve witnessed last week, my god! While it’s good to give my tanlines a new life, I’m glad that the temperatures are toning down and especially when my summer closet is basically non existent.

Since it is summer and all that jazz, I’ve tried to wear more color. I was aware and I was made aware that I wore black on black on black on black. While I like the color scheme of my usual fashion style, It is time to sneak in one or two light colors in my outfit. This basically goes side by side with the occassional light heart attack when I stain my light colored clothing pieces.

OMSK sweater
OMSK sweater
Deena & Ozzy backpack
Deena & Ozzy backpack

OMSK, a Belgian brand. Very minimalistic with some eye catching techniques such as the embroidery on my sweater. Paired with my new white backpack from Deena and Ozzy.


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