Wood Wood’s Exclusive Denim Range!


Ever since I’ve found my perfect high waist denim, my love for denim has been revoked and is gradually creeping back into my life. Just in time because contemporary Copenhagen fashion brand Wood Wood had launched its first denim range!















Wood Wood denim jacket – Bershka pants – H&M top – Vagabond shoes

Wood Wood has been working extensively on the fits, washes and quality of jeans, jackets and other styles! Being inspired by beat-up old pair of jeans, Wood Wood’s denim collection is clean, minimal but powerful! I’ve already got myself a pair of jeans and denim jacket!

There is something about denim jackets that made me cringe. Bad quality denim jackets give chills down my spine. The feeling of that fabric hitting your skin gives me goosebumps but surprisingly the Wood Wood denim jacket does not. Another thing that struck me was how light it actually is. My ex-denim jackets were all heavy and kind of straining my shoulders but this one was super light and easy! Another plus point: It is short! I cannot stress how being short is really a downfall when it comes to fashion. Jackets are usually too long but this one: ALL GOOD. You could say I’m on top of the world with this jacket. WINNING!

Those of you living in Belgium, it is your lucky day! Monar store in Antwerp is the only store in Belgium that actually sells the denim line! Better get your butt down there because this line is good!





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