Belgian Corner: Raf Simons


Raf Simons. Does he even need an introduction? In 2015 Raf Simons hit the news when he left Dior after merely 3.5 years. A few months later, he presented his FW2016 collection in Paris.

While everyone probably knows him as ex-creative director at Christian Dior, this self-trained menswear designer seriously has captured the 80s Belgian aesthetics in his latest FW2016 collection.

FW2016 in Paris


Oversized clothing & long sleeves. Raf Simons’ newest collection has 80s Belgian-Japanese-inspired aesthetics written all over his clothing. For his new collection, Raf Simons went total opposite than what he would’ve done for Dior. From oversized, to gorgeous layering, I’m glad Raf is back!