Sarcastic Travels: Four reasons to avoid Manchester

Manchester is (or used to be) the second most important city after London (that’s what the internet has told me). So is it really worth it to trade London in for Manchester? In this week’s Sarcastic Travels, I’ll be giving you five reasons to wholeheartedly avoid Manchester.

  1. Old architecture is ‘yawning’

DCIM100GOPROOne thing you might notice while exploring Manchester, the city has an impressive and rich history with historic buildings still intact. But seriously, who has time to look at old buildings ? Sorry historic buildings, you snoozed, you lose.

  1. Home of Parklife, a festival that managed to book Major Lazer, Diplo and Busta Rhymes this year


Who in the world wants to go to a festival that managed to book the best artists the music industry has to offer? Who want to dance the night away and listen to sick beats while everyone surrounding you is in dire euphoria? Not me.

  1. To date, the best Italian restaurant I’ve found


One handy little app I’ve discovered (shout out to my friend Ella) for finding great restaurants, is Foursquare. Foursquare allows you to review a restaurant and add images. But seriously, what is more annoying than finding great restaurants for the best price? The more important question is: Who wants to eat great while they are on holiday? Why even bother going to Grande Café Piccolino, probably the best Italian restaurant that I’ve discovered abroad?

4. Shopping mails here, there, everywhere!


Now, the weather in Manchester is… English… This means unpredictable and loads of rain. So you might think that shopping malls such as the Manchester Arndale or Selfridges or Harvey Nichols is the best way to shop while avoiding the rain. But nah, I rather shop in the rain and get sick while doing so. It’s called being diehard.

Courtesy of Palladium!