Andrea Crews


If you can choose one thing to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be? For me without a doubt bomber jackets. Bomber jackets are a returning trend. I haven’t consciously lived the bomber jacket trend back in the 90s but I do appreciate it being back in style. This is the part where my inner hoarder kicks in. I have tons of bomber jackets and I know I don’t need ‘em but I still buy them. Meet the latest member of my bomber jacket crew.




Andrea Crews jacket – H&M trousers & top- Nike shoes

Photograph by Julie Geilenkirchen

Andrea Crews. You know the drill – If you have not heard of the brand before go google it! Andrea Crews is a brand that is deliciously streetstylish and performs between art and fashion. Season after season the clothing is bang on making my wallet scream for help while I mentally tape it screams down.

While I do wanted to go back to basics and invest in clothing that I would wear time and time again, my closet has gotten really boring, like yawning-until-you-tear-up boring.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my sense of investing in quirky clothing, clothing that a stranger next to you would not own. I’m trying to invest in pieces that may be a little bit pricier but worth every penny. This Andrea Crews jacket is one of ‘em. The best part is that Andrea Crews is not commercialized which means sort of one-of-a-kind! I mean, how can I not have bought the jacket. It speaks for itself!


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