Flaunt It

I sort of have an epiphany when it comes to dresses. I basically never wear one and if you have seen me wear one on this blog, to be honest it was for the sake the blog. I cannot the describe the uncomfortable feeling I get when I wear dresses or skirts. However, time to get over it and flaunt it while I still got it.



SAMSUNG CSCBershka dress – Sacha shoes – Rayban sunglasses

So where does this sudden revelation come from? Basically, I put my head down and gave my legs a quick look… I’m not getting any younger so I better flaunt it while I’m still young right? I cannot help but have this feeling I might regret it later not having worn more dresses.

I have always been a tomboy at heart, rebelling against anything girly is part of my identity.

So I have been digging the whole straight pajama look-a-like dresses for a while now and I’ve finally bought one and paired it with heeled sandals. Seriously, how girly can I get. After this shoot, I immediately traded the heels in for sneakers and then it occured to me. I can combine it with sneakers!

It still will be a huge adjustment because shorts and skinnies are really my babies and is the closest thing to motherhood I’ll ever get. Better flaunt it before my legs become all wrinkly and veiny.


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