Sarcastic Travels: 4 reasons to avoid South Tyrol


For reals, July 2016 surely was the month where I was able to travel around. One of these destinations: South Tyrol. Here are four reasons why you should avoid traveling to South Tyrol.

This article is written with more than enough sarcasm. South Tyrol was absolutely wonderful and everything that I’m going to sum up are really must visits!

  1. The view of the mountains in the aweful


When driving to South Tyrol, it is hard to avoid the view. With the perfect scenery of green and mountains, jaws will definitely drop open. However, I wished I closed my eyes and avoided this inspiring scenery. Don’t want my eyes to go sore.

  1. Zaha Hadid x MMM Corones


When in South Tyrol, one thing you must avoid is going to the top of the mountain. And you must certainly avoid visiting Messner Mountain Museum Corones, a mindblowing architectural museum designed by Zaha Hadid. It’ll be the most non-inspiring thing you will ever see with your eyes. Do I even want to see something incredible like that? Nowp.

  1. Ugliest mountain lake view I’ve ever seen


An emerald green lake with the most perfect scenery of mountains in the background, don’t you dare go to Lago Di Braies where you can rent a boat and endlessly row around while witnessing a wonder of nature. Don’t do it.

  1. Food stinks


Local food cooked in the best way possible? Not for me. I rather stuff myself with low quality overcooked meat. Eating one of the best fresh pasta I’ve ever tasted? Nowp, I wish I had something less tasty!

Disclaimer: If you actually have not noticed, I was being sarcastic. South Tyrol was absolutely wonderful and everything I’ve just summed up are really things you should visit/eat!


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