Printed Culottes


When you read too much What Short Girls Should Not Wear’ kind of articles, you kind of brainwash yourself into backing off a specific clothing item because countless articles told you to stay away. It happened to me and culottes. Until I finally decided to buy a pair just to try.

MonicaHo_Zalando copy



Zara sweater & culottes – Urban Outfitters boots

How many times have I read that short girls and culottes are absolutely not a match made in heaven? Numerous times and as the good girl I am, I listened and stayed away. Until I saw a friend who is not that taller than me wearing culottes (shoutout to Rosse Ruby) and actually rocking it.

So I hopped over to Zara and besides the fact that the new fall collection is absolutely killing it, culottes were pretty much in every corner of the store. And to think that I’ve avoided it for so long!

Of course I went for the pairs of culottes that had the busiest print ever. It is time to stop my black trousers hoarding phase so I am looking for trousers that have a bit more color. Okay these pair of trousers MAY be overboard but I am loving it. And a pair of heeled boots are always the best way to add those few inches.

Culottes, yay or nay?









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