Paris Strikes Again!


With new seasons comes new collections and this means new collection presentations in the form of shows and catwalks. Each season, countless of people travel to Paris in hopes to catch a glimpse of the madness there or attend one or two shows. This season, I was one of them.


Zara trousers and shirt – Magdalena jacket – Adidas shoes

Paris is divided in several arrondissements. Luckily I was staying in this fabulous hotel called Hotel Cadran in the 6th arrondissement aka right at the feet of the Eiffel Tower. Hotel Cadran was truly a Parisian hotel: the rooms were nice and comfortable. The breakfast was to die for and I am still dreaming about those sugar buns I ate there.

NOW it seems that I walking around with a Parisian curse because I actually dropped my camera and could not take pictures (and I am allergic to taking pictures with my camera phone). Last time I went to Paris, I dropped my phone and it broke. It’s a curse, I know.

Anyways onto what I actually wore; representing Belgian designers has somewhat become a habit. This jacket by Madgalena, a Belgian designer, was the perfect bomber to wear on a fall evening in Paris. Not too warm, not too cold, just right. And since I don’t have the money or the will to buy designer clothing, Zara knocking off everything is a blessing.

Fake chic? Yep and proud of it.


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