What for


Everyone has its moments when you desperately want a pair of shoes but you are not sure whether the discomfort will slowly kill your feet or not, whether the heel will be sturdy enough… These were my fears when I got my pair of What For boots. These doubts surely sailed away when I slipped my feet into these fancy boots!


Monki jacket – H&M top – Zara trousers – What For shoes

What started as a luxury shoe founded in 2008, has ended in a success story known for its attention to quality. From quality leather to attention to details, What For is all about timeless elegance.

What For, what now?

To be honest, I got introduced to the brand last season when I spotted it during the press days in Antwerp and I had no clue it existed. But that’s the beauty when discovering new brands: Getting excited over leather craftsmanship. Usually I’m all for the heavy, sturdy platform boots but this pair of chic little numbers is what I needed in my shoe collection.

Since these boots are so elegant, it would not suit my style at all if I went all sophisticated. I paired it with a more ‘street’ look. Along with my printed Monki bomber and my new cropped boyfriend jeans from Zara, I am ready to walk miles with these boots

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