So long summer


So long summer, skipped Indian summer, hello fall. While it’s raining over here in Belgium, I’m still in denial and going to post my final summer outfit. After all, quite a waste not to share it, right?





Undiz top – Scotch and Soda baker boy hat – Monki trousers – Adidas shoes – Zara earrings

With more rainy days than I can count on my two hands ahead of us, we can officially give our salute to the summer. So long, farewell, you have been good to us. If I could sum up the summer in one a few words it would be: baker boy hat.

When I check my IG, all I see is one baker boy hat after the other. I tend to overdo it when I like a certain trend and I definitely did with this accessory. And I’m afraid you will see a lot of me rocking this hat again in the fall!



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