Style evolution: It’s something that we all go through. Since the beginning of this blog my style has changed tremendously and thank god for that. But a part of me still yearns to go back to that time. My style now is more tame which results in comfortable casual outfit posts. While there is nothing wrong with that, I still yearn for that extra ‘pazaz’ and this is something that I hope to bring back in 2018 starting with this green corduroy jacket!






Oh Hey girl jacket – Minimum top – Urban Outfitters trousers – Cult shoes – Zara bag

Photos by Marte Sledsens

If you shop in any chain store, it is inevitable that you will pass by someone who is wearing the same thing. Is there a way to avoid that? Yes and no. Yes, stop shopping at chain stores. No, you probably don’t have money to invest in clothing. Another way to avoid looking like everyone else on the street is to research web shops that everyone does not necessarily know of. One of ‘em is Oh Hey Girl.

Oh Hey Girl is the kind of webshop that wants to bring Korean Streetstyle to the masses. For those who are not familiar with Korean streetstyle, google it and be amazed by the originality that fashionable Koreans possess.

Korean streetstyle has this edge that the Western style still misses and I’m not sure if  they will ever attain this type of style.

Oh Hey Girl delivers type of clothing that are interesting enough to look at and to wear. This includes my long green corduroy jacket. This one of my best winter purchases to date. It is long and thick enough to keep me warm but also interesting enough to turn heads in the street.

What it comes down to is why would you blend in if you could be more successful standing out?


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