Happy 5th blogiversary


HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY – While I’m all about investing in timeless items, once and a while I yearn for the days when I just started the blog. Even though I still cringe about the outfits that I actually posted on the blog, I do admit that I had a more adventurous style back then. Because of this nostalgia, I’m restyling my first ever outfit on this blog!


Monki trousers & beannie – Asos boots – Stylenanda jacket – Puma top

Pictures by Anouk

It’s amazing to see how not only my style has involved but also the quality of pictures on this blog. Back in the days, I kept my blog a diehard secret. I absolutely wanted to avoid going outside to shoot so my solution was shooting in my attic with a self-timer. & I thought I nailed it. I clearly didn’t.


However, it’s all about striped trousers because my first every outfit post included striped trousers. I bought them because I saw Cara Delevigne rocking them during Paris Fashion week in 2013. I clearly forgot that leggings do not count as trousers.

I am however giving striped trousers a second chance with a pair that I bought at Monki.

A looser fit but it fits like a glove. Topping it off with chunky boots and a tight 90s themed Puma top. I do like to think I nailed the restyling of my first outfit post but I cannot help but wonder if I might look at these pictures in five years and think ‘What the hell am I wearing?’.

Have you cringed at your old fashion style? Let me know!