Wrangler x Peter Max


Skipping from one era to another, why not? I’ve been hanging and chilling in the 90s for the last couple of blogpost. Now I’m switching to the seventies and it all started with this Wrangler x Peter Max jacket.





Wrangler x Peter Max jacket – Zara trousers – Baleincaga sneakers

Photos by Anouk

Once in a while I get bummed out when something I wanted so desperately appears to be sold out. The same thing happened with this Wrangler jacket. Living the ‘ultimate’ poor lifestyle (just bought an apartment), I am now waiting for sales when I want to invest in clothing that costs a bit more. Sometimes it works out, other times the item sells out and I get a bitchfit about it.

The latter happened when I waited too long for to buy this Wrangler x Peter Max jacket. For those of you who do not know Wrangler nor Peter Max, do not be ashamed. Jeans brand Wrangler has been making this huge comeback in Europe and its collaboration with artist Peter Max results in to-die-for collections. Hence, me obsessing over this sold out jacket. Luckily, Wrangler had a jacket in stock and  kindly send me this jacket, allowing me to unconsciously rock the whole seventies vibe.


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