Velvet jacket


Velvet is hot hot hot. You basically see it everywhere from clothing to interior. Now, I do say this about every trend, but I never thought I would be rocking it in an outfit… But when a blue biker jacket in velvet comes along the way, I am more than happy to make exceptions!





Selected Femme jacket – Monki jeans – Nike shoes – Uniqlo top

Normally, Scandinavian brands are a hit or a miss for me. Known for its minimalism (and me pretty much the opposite of minimalism), Scandinavian clothing brands do have some showstopper brands here and there.

Danish brand Selected Femme, has been on my radar for quite a while now. I mean… this jacket… right?

Another thing that I would have never guessed to be wearing are these oversized baggy pants. I usually would go to a tailor and shorten the hem so I could wear it was a normal pair of jeans. However, this time I let the pair of jeans as it is. Hence, the whole ‘90s vibe going on here.


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