Press Days: First Edition


It’s that time of the year again where press agencies organize press days for the public to come and enjoy new collections of the brands they represent! I must say I picked the right time to start a blog and I was able to enjoy these infamous press days!



First up: OONA PR. I was very ecstatic to go to OONA. They represent some of my absolute favorite brands (a. KNACKFUSS for example). The showroom itself was pretty amazing. It was very simple, modern and filled with gorgeous clothing! I adored the paillette style purse ALOT.



MARNIX AND ALLY had the best location: It was ‘romantic meets cosy meets modern yet vintage’ style. The people were super friendly and I immediately felt welcomed! Upon arrival, I heard music but never imagined they would have a live band! I went bananas over their jewelry! ‘Just Julia‘ is a brand that I must remember and you guys should get to know!



If there is one thing I am a sucker for, it is macarons! I know that food at these kind of events are minor details, but there is nothing better than eating your favorite sweets while checking out the collections and De Hovre absolutely hit the right spot! Besides the gorgeous statement necklaces and the cute Mickey Mouse collection of Twice As Nice, the bags of Clio Goldbrenner were the highlight! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of their big size bags and stuff it with things I would never bring along just to fill up all the extra space!



DRAMA PR was the last one I visited. I knew that TITI + THE GERMAN KID would display its new collection and I could not miss out on that opportunity! I once featured the TTGK’s bat jacket in one of my looks and it actually got posted on Facebook by which resulted in more than 1000 likes. I got there and I was not dissapointed. On the contrary, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the beige bomber jacket with leather accents. I am still craving for it while looking at the picture. The other thing I really wanted were Patrizia Pepe’s shoes! Oh god, I already have an outfit idea in my head. I just need to get my hands on those gorgeous shoes!

Monday will be an outfit post on what I wore during the press days! Stay tuned!


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