She’s a gold digger


TADAA! This is the outfit I wore at the press days. One lesson I learned that day: wear flat shoes, heels were killing my feet.




ZARA blouse – River Island boyfriend jeans – Forever 21 shoes

It’s not a secret that I wear a lot of blouses. I think most of my outfits on my blog do contain blouses but I love how classy they look when buttoned up and how relaxed they look unbuttoned. I went for a classy yet ‘chillaxed’ look. I adore my shoes! This is actually my first pair of summer heels… ever! They are not too high and I LOVE the gold tip and heel. Thank god I brought sneakers with me to wear in between the press agencies, but still the heels managed to kill and destroy my feet.

If you have noticed, I chopped my hair off! Long hair isn’t my thing because when I wake up, I don’t even brush my hair… I was tired of looking like a cave woman with that long hair and asked the hairdresser to cut it all off. It seems that hairdressers have the hardest time chopping long hair off. I am very stoked with this short hair and I cannot believe I haven’t done it earlier. Inspiration for this hair = Karlie Kloss!


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