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70 Normally I don’t participate in anything where you have to get as many people to vote for you. Because in the end it’s all about connections and not about who truly deserves it. But I made an exception for Titi + The German Kid. VOTE FOR MONICA HERE (just like the picture 🙂 more info below)




Carhartt beanie – H&M sleeveless top – Forever 21 crop top – Minkpink shorts – ZARA shoes

If you have been following my blog, I talked about TITI + The German Kid (clothing brand) before. They are holding a contest in search for a new campaign model for their fall collection. Normally I hate these kind of things where you basically pimp yourself to get votes, but I simply adore their collection when I saw it on the press days which results into me pimping myself for votes in order to be a part of their new awesome collection!

VOTE FOR MONICA HERE (like the picture)

Now back to what this blog is really about: Finally we can expect some spring days imitating those warm summer days. It brightens our day, it makes us happier and it makes us come out of our winter blues! It’s finally one of those days were I can wear shorts and can feel warmth on my legs. It’s official ladies and gentlemen: spring has arrived and it has brought summer with it!

I know it’s hypocrite to be wearing a beanie and somewhat boots in a summer outfit post. I have plenty of experience knowing that sweat will form when it’s hot outside, but it simply makes my outfit complete and I cannot turn my back on a beanie that completes my outfit!


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