New discovery in the house: Comtesse Sofia


I said goodbye to my woolen scarves and thanked them for keeping me warm this winter but just because it isn’t cold anymore does not mean we cannot still wear scarves! Comtesse Sofia is what comes to mind when I want something lighter around my neck!



Comtesse Sofia is a high quality brand based in Paris that provides the most gorgeous scarves ever! The scarves are timeless, feminine, romantic and pretty much awesome! The combination of ‘French Elegance meets Russian Romanticism’ is what distinguishes them from other scarves.

Comtesse Sofia offers an array of scarves with different prints, perfect for every outfit and every occasion! Each and every one of them is made in Russia and the quality of every scarf got the green light in France which makes sure that none of them are below par for its customers.

If you still haven’t fallen in love by now, check out their website for more styles;!


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