Diamonds are my shirt’s best friend


I am probably the cheapest person you will ever meet in terms of fashion. I’m a student, I don’t have money for high brand clothing. I like affordable fashion while drooling  enjoying the occasional (or A LOT) eye candy of Dries Van Noten, Chanel, Alexander Wang etc. BUT…exceptions do exist!

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Enes diamond shirt – ZARA leggings & shoes

You will never see me with a Céline bag or a burburry trench coat. In fact I adore ZARA, no scratch that, I worship ZARA for providing us, the less fortunate, affordable lookalike pieces of the runway. But in a few rare moments I indulge in pieces that may cost more than your average $50. This was the case with the shirt, but in all good means it is from a sample sale!

I love sample sales and everything that used to cost a lot and now costs… less a lot. Does that make me cheap? Nah, it makes me one of those hungry women who battle each other for that one piece of clothing like animals who haven’t eaten in days and I am damn proud of it. With the economic crisis still going on, we all got to keep an eye on our wallets!

The shirt is one of those rare occasions I indulge in paying a little bit more than what I would. The fabric is lovely, the quality is freakin’ awesome, so I thought why not. Less thinking and more buying was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw all those fabulous clothing at the Enes sample sale. For those who don’t know Enes, it is a store in Antwerp that basically sells only high end brands. Anyway, when I see a tag with 70% off, my eyes sparkles, my hand reflexes kick up and BAM I became the proud owner of this fabulous diamond shirt!


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