Cut it out!


Lately Bershka is selling more and more fabulous clothing! In the old the days, I wouldn’t even give it a glimpse but nowadays their collections just amazes me and I could not resist buying this cut out dress from their Dressy Collection.

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Bershka dress – Converse shoes – Club Manhattan Earcuff

Bershka has become one of my favorite stores and one of those stores I have to check their online website daily. I have no idea why Bershka suddenly appeals to me, but they have upgraded their clothing like there is no tomorrow!

I immediately wanted this cut out dress when I laid my eyes on it! The fabric is a litte bit thicker than your avreage summer dress but I hope the white will reflect the sunlight enough. The dress also has these flower patterns that you can hardly see but surely can feel. Freakin’ love it!

Just added some simple converse and a fabulous earcuff of Club Manhattan.


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