Today the spotlight is on my skirt! I love extragavant prints or images on clothing, totally my style. Best part is, the skirt was free! It’s a hand-me-down of my sister.

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Sister’s hand-me-down skirt – Vero Moda pearled collar shirt – H&M shoes

I still know exactly how it went: my sister came into my room. ‘You want it?’ she asked. HELL YEAAAAA. The skirt contains an image of the birth of Venus. I could tell a whole story about skirt and the image… but I have no idea what the birth of Venus meant so I’m going to skip that part. I do like the image and the colors though! Totally perfect for the summer and perfect for making heads look my way.

The shirt is from Vero Moda. I remember I absolutely had to have the shirt when I first saw it on the internet. I spent months finding my size because the store didn’t sell it anymore. Hard searching pays off because now it is in my closet and featured in this outfit post! Persistence is the key people!

I’m wearing these simple shoes which H&M has 23482357 racks full of it. They are comfortable!


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