Step aside! Here is Stylight!


Fan of Lookbook, Chictopia or Pinterest? If you have checked ‘yes’ on all three of them, then Stylight is right up your alley!


Stylight is a site where you can post pictures of yourself, inspiration, musthaves etc. and create a board that serves as an overview! It is a combination of Lookbook, Chictopia and Pinterest. But what makes Stylight better, is the handy, user friendly editing tool!

You simply choose whether you want your picture to be in horizontal or vertical view. Then you zoom in on those detail pieces without losing the quality of your pictures! You can be creative with your boards and add as many personal touches as you want.

The site is also super handy for us bloggers to create boards per theme + you can add similar products to your boards so people can buy what you are wearing!

I have been obsessed with it and I’ve created way too many boards for one day. But I love how it gives me an clear overview of my outfits!

Make sure you make an account and ‘heart’ mine! I would love to see your awesome boards!


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