ZARA what have you done to my wallet!


I have no idea where Zara got their inspiration from for their fall collection, but I am seriously freakin’ out as I am writing this; Never have I wanted to buy that many clothes from one collection!

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ZARA coat, blouse, pants – Converse shoes

It’s no secret that I like Zara. I pretty much usually include a Zara piece in my outfit. But when I assembled this I had no idea that the outfit would be all Zara.

First of all I AM IN LOVE with their newest fall collection. The coat and the pants are from the current fall collection. The pants are perfect for the shorter girls out there. It is rare that I am able to find a pair of pants (not skinny) that fits me well without my legs looking like 3 inches long + I am loving the tartan pattern!

The coat is perfect for the fall! Not too thin, not too thick, just perfect to keep me warm enough to survive the fall. The jacket has a leather collar to give it an extra edge.

Wherever Zara is getting their inspiration from, keep it coming. I am loving it and I cannot wait for the spring collection. But for now I’m going to buy everything I want from that fall collection! My heart is aching to go shopping ASAP!


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