Well well, the sun sometimes peeps through the clouds and I can feel the sun burning in my eyes. Time to pull out a dress, some boots and strut it like it’s summer.

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Urban outfitters dress – shoes

Last week I thought that fall had officially started. I said my mental goodbyes to warm temperatures and I bitterly snarled at winter. However, out of nowhere I was able to take off my jacket because it was too warm… TOO WARM I tell you. Well then, perfect occasion to pull out a dress too then. I must admit, this outfit is way to summery. A little nostalgia never hurts anyone.

I bought the dress with doubts in my head. I did not try it on and I kind of regretted buying it. It was lyring around in my wardrobe until I pulled it out and tried it on. Let me tell you, my doubts instantly became joy. I say hell yeah to cut off shoulders! And above all, the dress is made out of a velvety fabric which is super soft!

The shoes are from an online Korean shop, They sell the most amazing shoes and I had to place an order. The boots has a side buckle and a platform heel aka SCORE, extra height. I am just in love with those boots!


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