Tardy Red Leather


A little bit late but this was the outfit I wore to the TBY4 event. For the first time ever, I have awesome quality outfit pictures! 152 153 copy.png153 154 156

Pictures by Ruby (The Mad Twins)

Zara coat & leggings – Jeffrey Campbell shoes – Jutka&Riska shirt

For the first time ever, I’ve got perfect quality pictures! Don’t get used to it though. Ruby was awesome enough to take these pictures. She and her magical photography fingers did all the amazing work! I must say good quality pictures really makes a difference. My blog suddenly looks 103845 times better. It’s time I bought another camera!

This was the outfit I wore to the TBY4 event. I wasn’t sure how to dress for the event. I didn’t wanted to go full out, but I also did not wanted to dress too casual. I just picked the most attention-grabbing shirt I could find.

I actually bought the shoes one hour before I went to the event. I had massive girl problems at home not able to find shoes to match my shirt. I just stopped by The Public Image and these red Jeffrey Campbells caught my eye! + It was discounted, SCORE! Needless to say, I was super stoked with my last minute shoes!


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