Casual vs Sport


Healthy lifestyle and a busy school schedule simply do not go together! I’ve been busy with internship, school and working for school. In the meantime I also want to exercise and continue my new healty lifestyle. Solution? Save time.

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Urban Outfitters sweater – ZARA leggings – Nike (JD Sports ) Free Runs

Sparkle and Fade top – ZARA leggings – Nike (JD Sports) Free Runs & sportsbra

One of the best time for me to work out, is to go right away when I get back home from school. It doesn’t matter if it is going to the gym or running. I’ll go home, throw my bags on the floor and quickly change.

One of the best things that works for me, is to already wear half of my workout outfit. I know a lot of people seperate their casual clothing and sportswear. But seriously, sportswear can also be worn as a casual outfit. This post is a perfect example.

My Free Runs from JD Sports are awesomely stylish enough to wear under leggings. My leggings are casual enough to wear as gym leggings. My sportsbra can be worn under my sweater because seriously… Who will notice? The only thing I have to do is change into a loose top, grab my mp3 and I am ready to go. It takes 2 minutes, TOP. This way I can jog before it gets too dark + it makes me feel like Superman when I quickly change as a pro.


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