Armani Jeans Store Opening


Fan of Armani? Lucky you, this store will be right up your alley then! Antwerp just opened it’s first Armani Jeans store and I will give you a brief tour. Let’s check out dem Armani Jeans Store!

First of all, I am the worst blogger ever… I ended up socializing more than taking pictures. New blogmotto: First work, then play!

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Armani is a high-end and impressive brand. I expected nothing less from the store. Boy, I was not dissapointed. The store can be described in one word: AMAZINGFANCYLUXURIOUS. – Yes, that is one word.

The store was freakishly crowded, but waiters serving food made it all good. Munching while checking out the new store is the perfect combination! I am gutted that I did not take more pictures but that only reflects on what a great time I had!

Ladies, brace yourself for the following picture.


That’s right! It’s a handbag wall! Handbags made out of my current favorite material: freakin’ shiny leather!

I would like to thank OONA for the invite and I hope that this store will be a great succes!


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