Let Them Stare, mkay?


I am all about supporting new, young designers who want to make it. I admire them for following their dreams and keep doing going for it no matter what. Like my dress? Follow me while I introduce this awesome young designer!

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Topshop hat – Let Them Stare dress – Xccelerate shoes

Let them stare is a tailored clothing brand, designed by Anastasia Gelfman Silis and presented in her fashion blog. Her tailored pieces are unique, quirky… Just simply out of this world.

This fall I am up for anything tartan and it is also the reason why I love this dress. It’s a simple shirt dress but the pattern makes it unique. The fabric is slightly thicker and warmer than cotton which makes it perfect for the fall! Definitely check out her website because she has some serious talent that should be recognized!

I’ve obsessing with the Céline platform loafers since this summer. However, they were sold out… I went out of my mind when I saw these knock offs. I know there are people who despise knock offs and prefer the real thing but seriously… who gives a damn? The design is 95% similar and the price is 95% cheaper. I call that a good bargain!


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